Sample #1:

Re-position and relaunch existing event; rewrite copy to improve impact

Target audience identified demographics:

  • WHO: Camera men, technical directors, editing/production professionals.  Common goal: excellence in sports highlight reels; capture sports moment/tell story via video
  • male, late 30’s-50 yrs in age, family men, macho
  • lives for the adrenaline moment
  • passionate about their media/channel
  • loves the technical aspects of job
  • very visual
  • casual in style and personality- Levi’s / tennis shoes; hands on approach


The Atlanta Post|Production Conference features 2 full days of expert training sessions for video, TV, film & new media professionals. A unique track 2-day track is dedicated to technical workshops geared for Sports TV production.


Great sports moments happen in a split second of time. 

Great media coverage elevates these moments into iconic sports history. 

Presenting Atlanta Post | Production, the ultimate broadcast media technical training conference geared specifically for sports TV, video, film and new media professionals.  Attend two days filled with intensive skill-building sessions, to help your production move from ordinary to legendary.

With two focused tracks on sports TV production and post production, you’ll learn cutting-edge content creation techniques from the industry’s best and most celebrated, covering topics such as:

  • Capturing the ultimate sports story: from sounds of the game to choosing optimal camera positions
  • Advanced multi-cam editing techniques
  • Maximizing video production software capabilities, including Adobe Premiere Pro, Avid Media Composer and DaVinci Resolve
  • From the camera to the web: time-saving compression techniques for HTML5 and mobile delivery
  • ..and more!

Atlanta Post | Production has the potential to change your view from the camera and alter your career forever.  Register today!*

*To ensure a low instructor-to-student ratio, space is limited and early reservations are recommended. Team discounts are available.


Sample #2:

New conference launch


After Effects World Conference

Where VFX, Motion Graphics and Creativity Connect

Gather After Effects innovators, VFX and motion graphics professionals from around the globe, let them interact and amazing results happen. Creative juices are unleashed.  Software skills are pushed to the limit.  Lasting relationships begin to form.

Presenting the After Effects World Conference—your opportunity to learn the program from the inside out, from the software engineers who created it and creative minds who mastered it.

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Come to Learn; Leave Inspired

After Effects is one of Adobe’s most powerful and feature-rich motion graphics programs.  But because it is a deep program, self-taught users often miss performance intricacies inhibiting their creative results.  After Effects World Conference takes a deep dive into the capabilities and inspired possibilities of this robust visual software, to improve your proficiency.  With over 50 training sessions and 2 distinct skill tracks, motion graphics and VFX professionals of all abilities will benefit.  Choose the sessions of interest to you most.  Move freely between tracks, to customize your education.  Whether you are just getting started with After Effects or are an advanced user, the After Effects World Conference gives you the skills to create more dynamic media.

Exclusive to After Effects World Conference 2013:

  • Cutting edge sessions with AE world gurus:  The most exclusive line up of presenters from the VFX and motion graphics industry.  Listen in as they share real life projects and techniques– actionable insights you can apply to your very next project!
  • Stump the Expert: Your questions, live solutions. Go ahead– ask that burning question.  Pose your production challenge.  In this session, a panel of expert instructors will offer After Effects user tricks and hands-on tips to successfully accomplish the creative goals of participants.   You’ll learn from both the questions being asked and the solutions presented– come to this session and discover what you don’t know about After Effects plug ins, built-in effects and more.
  • Adobe Up Close and In Person: Take a tour of Adobe’s offices, meet the engineers and project managers who created After Effects.  You’ll gain insider knowledge of the logic behind the programming, discover little known secrets of how the software was built and have opportunity to share your ideas for future releases.

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Sample #3:

Develop New Conference Positioning, Marketing Plan and Launch to Market


  • Communicate the value of Montana Visuals Workshops
    • sell the workshops/what attendees will learn
    • leverage the instructors
    • convey the significance of location
  • Prompt site visitors to action: register to attend
    • conversion throughout site: micro “yeses”
    • engage with event by clicking through to different pages/create conversion funnel
  • Make it easy to find the information potential attendees need to make a decision
  • Make it easy to say “yes” and register for the event
  • Build MWV contact list: emails


  • Target audience is visually oriented
  • Copy and images must be appropriately balanced to tell the complete story
  • As a new event, copy is needed to tell the story, set attendee expectations
  • Clarity of message trumps visuals and design elements


  • Top nav to communicate sessions/reinforce target audience
  • Links on each page to other pages: guide users through site
  • No unsupervised thinking/optimize the thought process of our site visitors
  • Email collection form: get event updates


Top:  HOME | Digital Photography | Landscape Photography | Filmmaking | Speakers | Attendee Info | REGISTER

Sub Nav for Attendee Info: Show Schedule | Travel & Hotel | FAQ

Bottom:  Register | Attendee Info | Contact Us



Primary objective for this page: communicate what this event is about, what makes it special.  Draw users in, get them into other aspects of the site/program.  Used as primary landing page for visitors and as a starting point/intro to the event.

Celebrating the Beauty of the Image.  Perfecting the Art of Visual Creativity.

Montana’s natural beauty is unparalleled, unfiltered and a photographer’s visual paradise.  Montana Visuals Workshops celebrates the beauty of the image and through interactive, hands-on workshops,  helps you to perfect your composition and visual creativity.  It’s a week of enlightening, inspiring and breathtaking training behind the lens combined with studio discussions on post-shoot processes and workflow enrichments, led by industry-acclaimed photographers and instructors.

Ideal for professional photographers and advanced enthusiasts, Montana Visuals Workshops offers three learning tracks  according to your interests, specialties or desired growth path.  Note class sizes are limited, for maximum learning and networking potential; early registration is recommended.

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The advancement of digital camera technology has changed production workflows as well as opened up new dimensions in lighting, composition and image manipulation.  Today’s professional photographer has unlimited creativity bound only by the artist’s understanding of technology.  The Digital Photography track focuses on core areas for maximum digital photography success in a variety of shoot settings from studio portraits to fast-moving images to outdoor gatherings.

Workshops include:

   MONDAY 10:00 am – 4:00 pm
Joe Palooza Lighting WorkshopLighting, lighting and more lighting!  In this session, you’ll work with hot shoe flashes, wireless flashes and large studio lights to shoot live models and improve your portrait studio results.  This hands-on, interactive class will teach you when to use each lighting option and the differences each option yields.  Instructor: Joe McNally
TUESDAY  9:00 am – 4:00 pm
Big Light from Small FlashesStarting from the building blocks of light, this class will look at on-camera flashes, light shaping tools, soft boxes, fill boards, diffusers, found objects and light colored clothing on subjects, all with an emphasis on capturing fast-moving, travelling light.  In the afternoon, multi-flash set-ups, advanced techniques, color, light quality and direction will be explored.  Class will include a mix of lectures and small group projects with group analysis and review.  Instructor: Joe McNally
WEDNESDAY 9:00 am – 4:00 pm
The Logic of Light- Day 1Exploring the concept of light regardless of camera type, this workshop takes a deep dive into strategies for optimizing light from a single source, whether it be straight flash, f-stops and shutter speeds, volume and closeness of the light source, reflectors, hard light, soft light or depth of field.  For additional diversity in your learning, you’ll be shooting a full gamut of subjects, from single models to outdoor crowds. This is day one of a two-day course.  Instructor: Joe McNally
THURSDAY 9:00 am – 4:00 pm
The Logic of Light – Day 2In this continuation of day one discussions, the focus will now shift to multiple light sources, including multiple flashes, direction, color and quality of light.  Tackled in this session are hi-speed sync, gels and power of color, plus the look and feel of light and its emotional impact. Instructor: Joe McNally
FRIDAY  9:00 am – 4:00 pm
Lighting to the MaxColor, quality and direction galore!  In this class, we’ll explore the many shapes and forms of light, flash tactics and techniques, including small flash, big flash and every option in between. Course discussions will cover small flash basics, advanced small flash scenarios, multiple off camera scenarios, color and gels, hi-speed flash, motion flash and blur, location and studio portraiture, matching light to subject and location, special effects, and adjusting flash lighting to look natural.  This session provides a great culmination to your week:  Intense.  Packed.  Fun.  Instructor: Joe McNally

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Natural beauty surrounds us…from the prairies to the mountains to modern-day cities.  As landscape photographers, you naturally capture the beauty of the image. But effectively illustrating your vision takes training and practice.  The landscape photography workshops are designed to refresh your perspective and help develop your vision.  Through focused discussions and hands-on sessions, you’ll learn how to pre-visualize your scene, master the art of composition, and fine tune your skills as a conceptual artist to ultimately transform your image and produce breathtaking results.

Workshop options include:

 MONDAY 10:00 am – 4:00 pm
The Art of Seeing This class will open your eyes to view landscape like never before!  Class discussions will include conceptual landscape, the tools of composition, and the power of pre-visualization.  Following the morning discussions, the class will move outdoors to shoot the natural surroundings and utilize techniques learned.  Participants will need a camera with mid-range zoom lens.  Instructor: Marc Muench
TUESDAY  9:00 am – 4:00 pm
Landscape Photography: From Vision to Execution – Day 1In day one of this two-day course, participants will discuss composition vision, compositional tools for illustrating your vision, utilizing various lenses for specific styles, camera techniques for long exposures and camera techniques for night photography.  Additionally, time will be spent on post-shoot processing to bring your vision to life, including processing skills using Lightroom and various filters, natural-looking HDR and color management.  Equipment needed for this class: Camera/tripod and laptop computer, wide angle lens at least 24mm focal length, fast aperture lens such as 35mm or 50mm F1.4, 8 or 10 stop ND filter.  Instructor: Marc Muench
WEDNESDAY 9:00 am – 4:00 pm
Landscape Photography: From Vision to Execution – Day 2In day two of this workshop, we’ll utilize what we learned the day prior, shooting scenery as well as a beautiful Montana sunset, likely the highlight of the week!  Equipment needed for this class: Camera/tripod and laptop computer, wide angle lens at least 24mm focal length, fast aperture lens such as 35mm or 50mm F1.4, 8 or 10 stop ND filter.  Instructor: Marc Muench
THURSDAY 9:00 am – 4:00 pm
Landscape Photography- Day 1Course description to come.  Instructor: Marc Muench
FRIDAY 9:00 am – 4:00 pm
Landscape Photography- Day 2Course description to come.  Instructor: Marc Muench

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With the advancement of DSLR cameras, many still photographers are now venturing into motion graphics.  And it’s no wonder.  Motion graphics provide a powerful medium to telling a story and creating emotion for your audience.  As more and more photographers migrate to video and film, they are discovering it requires not only vision but successful planning and organization before, during, and after a shoot. The filmmaking workshops focus on the essentials to making a successful transition into motion graphics, including developing visual artistry, mastering tools and techniques, studio set-up and maximizing project profitability.

Workshop options include:

 MONDAY 10:00 am – 4:00 pm
Pre-Production for Filmmakers: 7 Things to do Before a ShootLights, Camera…Wait!  Set yourself up for maximum success by learning the 7 most important things you need to do before every shoot.  Know what questions to ask and what critical tools and pre-shoot information to gather to minimize technical glitches and reduce wasted time once on the set.  Discussions will address location scouting, budgeting, finding gear, crew members, and local talent.  This workshop is loaded with valuable information you can’t afford to miss!  Instructor: Eduardo Angel
TUESDAY  9:00 am – 4:00 pm
Filmmaking Essentials For Photographers – Day 1: Pre-Production Think of it as filmmaking bootcamp for experienced photographers…this action-packed 2-day workshop will get you up-to-speed on the business of motion graphics.  Starting with common filmmaking terms, you’ll quickly move to gear selection, shooting techniques and enhancing the production value of your video projects.  Each day will start with a lecture presentation followed by hands-on experience and practice in the afternoon.  Upon completion of this workshop, participants will have a good understanding of the similarities and differences between shooting still and motion.  Handouts and excerpts from the book Filmmaking Essentials for Photographers are included with course fee.  Instructor: Eduardo Angel
WEDNESDAY 9:00 am – 4:00 pm
Filmmaking Essentials For Photographers – Day 2: Post Production Day 2 of this filmmaking bootcamp focuses on post production, to enhance the impact of your presentation and maximize the value of your video projects.   We will begin the day with a lecture presentation followed by hands-on learning and practice of the concepts presented. Instructor: Eduardo Angel
THURSDAY 9:00 am – 4:00 pm
The Two-Man Crew – Day 1Limited time, resources, and budget…sound familiar?  This workshop is all about working with small crews and looking great in the process.  In this interactive, hands-on workshop, participants will work in small teams to collaborate and successfully complete a shoot, including conceptualizing the storyline, mapping out the filming, plus editing and presenting your project by the conclusion of this 2-day workshop.  Additionally, class discussions will cover equipment essentials, including audio gear, lighting, and post-production software.  Class size is limited to 15; early registration is recommended.  Instructor: Eduardo Angel
FRIDAY 9:00 am – 4:00 pm
The Two-Man Crew – Day 2A continuation of our discussions and work started in day one; workshop will culminate with the presentations of student video projects.  Class size is limited to 15; early registration is recommended.  Instructor: Eduardo Angel

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