Sample Tweets

Prepared for: Mac & iOS IT Conference

Assignment: Using conference agenda, craft posts for Twitter to support marketing campaigns, team will insert links/post under conference account over next few weeks – “” notations indicate link to be added.

Target audience identified demographics:

  • WHO: System administrators, IT engineers, IT workstation support manager/director, technology director/manager
  • male, late 30’s-50 yrs in age, family men
  • reserved, quiet in personality, easy going
  • highly intelligent and technical; well paid
  • overworked; contributions taken for granted; technology advancing faster than skills
  • boss protective of team—goal: ensure they are trained, sufficient resources, watch OT
  • casual in style and personality- business casual/blue jeans are the norm; hands on
  • approach: don’t sell—it turns them off; use unpolished/straight to point tone; like to learn from peers who’ve been in similar situations

Tweets Written:

What are the hidden capabilities of #DeployStudio?  Find out: <enter for conference> #interop

Android vs #iOS: top 10 reasons for working in app centric world <enter for conference> #interop

Is your #OSX secure? #Apple trainer shares how to protect your #Macs #Interop <>

#Apple #Microsoft #Google – which is best?  Choosing the right technology for your biz: <> #interop

Do more than help grandma with her #iphoto. Advanced #IOS #apple channel training: <>

Discover leading solutions for #mobiledevicemanagement: <> #interop

Get #apple certified: <> #interop

Tips for integrating #macs into a #windows environment: <> #iOS #interop