White papers

Original white paper on effectiveness of direct mail, which was used as lead gen for list rental sales staff.  Campaign consisted of an email, custom landing page with contact information form, confirmation page providing link to the white paper and thank-you/transactional email.  The sales staff then called all leads obtained from this campaign.


Original white paper providing sales and marketing ideas to graphics professionals, which was used as a freemium for a paid magazine subscription offer.


Original guide intended for publishing teams to evaluate cover design, to optimize single copy sales and best resonate with subscriber interests.



Classroom seminar/training used at industry trade show to provide valuable sales/marketing ideas for small business owners/graphic professionals, and, introduce launch of new website resource.


Newsletter Articles


True Champions Invest

Champion: I’ll define as one who rises above the rest; someone who overcomes adversity and is noble in spirit.  I would also venture to say in order to be a true champion, it requires investment…investment in yourself and beyond yourself.  Earlier this month, the Boys & Girls Club of Metro Denver honored two such champions.

John Elway, Colorado’s iconic #7, NFL Hall of Fame quarterback, and Broncos executive vice president and general manager, was honored this time not for his athletic talents but for his commitment to Denver’s youth.  Perhaps not widely known, Elway has been a supporter of the Boys & Girls Club for nearly 25 years, jumping on board in the early years of his distinguished career and then recruiting other athletes in the later years.  The day he was recognized by the Boys & Girls Club as “Champion of Youth” was a memorable occasion.  Coincidentally, it was also the day he was traded to the Broncos 15 years earlier and the day he retired.  An appropriate day indeed, celebrating Elway’s personal athletic investments as well as the investments he’s made in local kids and the community who has rallied behind him.

The other champion recognized was Moises, going by first name only, per the privacy policies of the Boys & Girls Club.  Honored as 2014 Senior Youth of the Year, Moises’ accomplishments are equally impressive, graduating this month from Abraham Lincoln High School in the top 10 of his class with a 4.5 cumulative GPA, despite personal obstacles and hurdles.  Moises is also a recipient of the Daniels Fund scholarship, awarded for his exceptional character, leadership and commitment to the community.  He’ll use his scholarship at the University of Denver where he’s continuing his studies in pursuit of becoming a FBI agent.

2 champions, 1 night, many outstanding qualities.  But one attribute stands out more than the rest: investment.  Each of these honored champions is a perfect example, rising to the top through hard work and personal achievement while also faithfully giving back even in their busiest, hardest or least convenient times.  That’s dedication. Servant hood. Investment.  And as publicly proclaimed, a true champion. Congratulations, John and Moises…the Boys & Girls Club is blessed to have you both in our community.

Be a champion: make a financial and/or volunteer investment in our community’s youth.  For more information, contact the Boys & Girls Club of Metro Denver at (303) 892-9200 or online at www.bgcmd.org